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Boarding Kennels and Cattery

about1We are a small kennel of 54 kennels and 24 Catteries plus a communal cattery.  We stay small so that we can give each visitor personal care. We have heated kennels for the cold nights and mist sprayers for the hot days.

We do provide bedding however you are welcome to bring along your own. We recommend this as it provides a home comfort to the pet.

We provide Vets Choice and Pedigree for the dogs and they enjoy a warm gravy over their food in the evening.

About2Cats have Wiskas pellets and a variety of tinned food in the evenings.

If pets have a specific diet that they need to stick to, you are welcome to bring it along and we will ensure that they get it.

All animals need to be inoculated in order to stay at our facilities. This ensures a safe healthy environment for all our visitors All staff at Villa Siesta Pet Retreat are true animal lovers and are very passionate about the animals and their comfort and care.

The owner and staff all reside on the property and there is always someone there in case of an emergency.


We offer grooming services for pets that like to get dirty.

We also offer breed specific cuts

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