Terms and Conditions

Please note that for bookings a 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking, Please contact us for availability and pricing. Thereafter your booking will only be confirmed on receipt of deposit:

Full deposit will be refunded if the booking is cancelled more than 60 days before intended arrival. If the booking is cancelled less that 60 days before intended arrival, the entire deposit will be forfeited.


Proof of inoculation (5 in 1 + rabies for dogs, 3 in 1 + rabies for cats) is essential and must have been done at least 14 days before arrival. (All pets need to be inoculated every 12 months). Kennel cough and sniffles vaccine is not compulsory but if you choose to do this, please ensure it is done no less than 14 days before arrival.

Tick and flea control

We request that you treat your pet with Frontline or a similar product before arrival.


Bedding for your pet will be supplied however if you prefer to bring your own, please make sure is clearly marked with your pets name as it may need to be washed, and may get confused with other similar bedding. We do not take responsibility for damage to bedding.


We feed Vets Choice and Pedigree for Dogs and Wiskas for Cats, please note if your pet is on a specific diet you will need to bring food along, no discount is given if you provide your own food.


Balance of payment may be paid on arrival or collection and may be done either in cash, cheque or direct deposit. Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards. Payment is calculated per night. Please confirm your dates before booking as all days booked will be charged for regardless of early collection. Also note that extensions of your booking may not always be possible.

Client information forms:

Please email us for client information and booking form

PLEASE NOTE: By completing and returning these forms you have acknowledged our Terms and Conditions and have accepted our Indemnity

Business hours

We are open for arrival and departures from 8am to 10am and 3pm to 5pm Monday to Friday. Saturdays from 8am to 10am. We are closed on Sundays and Public holidays. After hours arrivals and departures are by appointment and only for emergencies. Please note, this carries surcharges of: Weekdays between 10am and 3pm R150 – After 5pm Weekdays R250 – Saturdays after 10am R250 – Sundays and Public holidays R250.

We assure you that everything requested of you is in the best interest of your pet and we therefore trust that everything will be in order on arrival.

Thank you

Joy Nicholl

Important Points to Remember :

  • Open hours for collection/drop off and visiting
    • Monday – Friday 8-10am & 3-5pm
    • Saturday – 8-10am ONLY
    • Sundays & Public holidays – Closed
  • Dogs without a valid proof of vaccination administered by a Vet will not be allowed,
  • We reserve the right to refuse aggressive dogs

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