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Villa Siesta has comfortable boarding for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, chinchillas, fish and others. The owner and staff all reside on the property, and there is always someone available. We have a vet on call, and access to all major vets in the area. Our professional grooming parlor is fully equipped, and our staff are trained and capable. Dinner is prepared in our hygienically clean feed-room, and only the best food is served to our guests.

All animals need to be inoculated in order to stay at our facilities. This ensures a safe, healthy environment for all our visitors. We are true animal lovers, and are passionate about the animals  comfort and care. We are diabetic friendly, and have much experience with furry babies that have diabetes, and require special diets and regular insulin injections.


We give each visitor personal care and attention. We have heated kennels for cold nights, and mist sprayers for the hot days. We have ponds with calming running water within earshot of our kennels, to ease doggies with soothing sounds.

Each kennel has an open sunny space, plus a separate, covered room for sleeping. The kennels are spacious, have raised beds, comfortable blankets and pillows, and bedding is changed and washed regularly. You are welcome to bring along your own bedding if you so choose. 

We have 3 different size kennels, depending on how big your dogs are, and how many will stay together. Hygiene and cleanliness is very important to us, and each kennel is washed down twice daily. 

Dogs are fed twice daily, or as often as you require, water is changed regularly every day, and medication dispensed as needed.

Villa Siesta Pet Retreat


Each cattery is roomy and comfortable, can house up to three cats, with a sunny open area, and a raised sleeping balcony. Natural wood and climbing gyms are installed in each unit, giving kitty-cats opportunity to have fun, exercise and climb. This helps them to stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws.

Cats beds, pillows and blankets are clean and warm, and changed regularly, making sure your kitty always has a nice place to retire. The litter-boxes at the bottom are always hygienically clean, and are changed regularly to ensure sanitary living quarters.

Sleeping areas have doors that close at night, for shy kitties that prefer to be out of sight, and have heaters to keep cats warm during cool winter nights.

We also have a large community cattery available for families with many cats, that can house up to 8 cats together. The communal cattery has a large grassy patch, and a spacious sleeping area with multiple balconies. This is only for cats that know each other and are part of the same family.

Villa Siesta Pet Retreat


We cater for birds of all colours, shapes and sizes. Birds require lots of interaction, and we love giving your feathery children lots of attention. Food requirements and medication is administered daily our by qualified staff, and we ensure that cages are always clean.

Treat your bird to a special holiday! We promise to give lots of TLC. Special diets are no problem, fresh food and water is changed daily, and birds get lots of interaction.

Parrots, cockatiels, budgies, canaries… we care for them all!

Villa Siesta Pet Retreat


We welcome a variety of small animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice. If you have a small, fuzzy creature that needs boarding for any length of time, you’re at the right place.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are kept in spacious, hygienically clean hutches, with straw to keep them close to nature, while smaller rodents are kept in their cages. Hutches and cages are cleaned daily, and food, water and medication is dispensed as often as required.

And if you think your beautiful little bunny isn’t going to get spoilt, think again! We are nuts about rodents, and love giving carrots and apples to keep them happy, plus plenty of attention and exercise.

Villa Siesta Pet Retreat


Have you got a lizard, gecko, bearded dragon or other reptile? Going away and need someone to babysit? Look no further! We welcome your gorgeous little babies to come and stay with us. We promise to feed, clean, handle and look after your baby dinosaur just the way you would!


Looking after fish is just one of the wonderful things we do! Bring your glorious gold fish, and we will keep them wet and happy. We vow to keep the bowl clean, feed your babies on the best food, and make sure their stay is a life aquatic!


We offer professional grooming services for pets that like to get dirty, including breed specific cuts. Your furry babies deserve the best pampering and treatment, and it’s always a wonderful idea to have them groomed while staying with us.

Grooming can include just a wash, a wash and trim, or a cut specific to your breed of dog or cat. We have lots of experience in royal conditioning, and will restore your babies natural beauty, and massage them into a peaceful state.

We use only the best, high quality shampoos that are good for body and coat, and make sure that the entire experience is a pleasurable one.

We will make your puppy or kitty look like a celebrity!

Villa Siesta Pet Retreat


We provide Vets Choice and Pedigree for the dogs, and they enjoy a warm, meaty gravy over their food in the evening. Cats have Wiskas pellets and a variety of tinned food in the evenings. If your pet has a specific diet that they need to stick to, you are welcome to bring it along and we will ensure that they get it. We also give your pet medication if they so require.


Exercise and fun are some of the things your baby will enjoy with us at Villa Siesta. We believe that ongoing exercise for your dog is just as vital as exercise is for you. The health advantages are many, including benefit their joints, aid digestive problems, and help keep cats and dogs weight healthy, which in turn minimises other possible health problems.

Dogs get exercise twice daily, and enjoy being close to nature in sunny, grassy exercise runs with ample room, and planted with nice, shady trees. Toys are also provided to encourage them to make the most of the activity time and stretch their legs.

A well balanced lifestyle for your pet should definitely include plenty of love and exercise.

Villa Siesta Pet Retreat

Health and Hygiene

Hygiene is a series of practices we perform daily to ensure health! Our kennels were designed around the concept of hygiene and well-being, and we wash kennels down twice a day. Bedding is also washed and changed regularly, and animals enjoy the nice benefit of comfortable, clean homes.

Villa Siesta Pet Retreat
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