Meet the Team

The Villa Siesta team have many years of experience, we all love animals, and are dedicated to making sure your pets stay with us is enjoyable and pleasant. Each and every one of us is committed to looking after our animals, and have love and empathy for all creatures.


Founder and owner of Villa Siesta Pet Retreat, Joy is passionate and caring, with a deep love for all animals. She has many years experience, loves looking after her pets, and enjoys spending time with every guest that comes to stay.

Villa Siesta Pet Retreat


Also known as “the Dog Whisperer”, Lucky has an amazing ability with animals. His peaceful attitude and love for all animals stems from his childhood, when he and his family had many pets.

Villa Siesta Pet Retreat


Highly regarded and appreciated for his patience with animals which tend to be nervous, Kingdom wins everyone’s trust with his gentle, kind manner. Even our stubborn donkey, Charlie, will only let him put her jacket on in winter.

Villa Siesta Pet Retreat
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